Small brown tabby cat watches as human reaches towards her

Nala’s Story

3-year-old Nala was having a tough time before she arrived at SAFe with her four young kittens. But despite suffering from dental disease, missing most of her front teeth, and having a painful abscess on her foot, she was sweet as could be. Nala got fixed up by the SAFe medical team and was a wonderful mother, nursing her kittens in a foster home until they were big enough to get ready for homes of their own. 

The whole feline family came in for spay and neuter surgeries, and while the kittens were ready to be adopted almost immediately, poor Nala had a difficult spay and needed some more time to heal. She went back to her foster home, who were happy to give her all the love and attention she craved while she recovered. And soon enough, she was ready to come to the adoption center, where it was “love at first pet” for her new humans!

“We could not be happier with our sweet Nala.” They told us, “The second she came in for a snug we knew she was the one. She is a great companion and the best nap partner anyone could ask for!”

Nala finds new places around the house to explore every day, which keeps her busy while her humans are out working. However, the second they get home she is quick to go in for a “hello” head bump and “missed you” purr.

“She has truly filled our home with more love than we could have imagined.” Her family says, “We are eternally grateful for the work that you all do at SAFe. We appreciate the care that you give to all the sweet feline friends that are on the search for a forever home. Know that your work truly makes a difference and helps transform these cuddly cats’ lives.”

It takes a community working together, from the person that found Nala and her babies, to the shelter that first took her in, the transport partners who brought her to us, the whole team at SAFe, including her volunteer foster parents, our supporters who provided her with everything she needed to be comfortable, and her adoptive family for giving her a place to call home. She has gotten so much love, and she deserves every bit of it. Good girl, Nala!

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