Warm Fuzzy Tale: Felix

Felix arrived at a shelter in San Jacinto, California with a large wound on his back. Despite his injury, he soon showed himself to be a happy kitty, eager to please and grateful for any and all attention. He patiently wore a cone as he healed and purred for the shelter team there.

Because he lived in a region of southern California that struggles with cat overpopulation, everyone realized that it could be difficult to find him a home. With his injury and his FIV+ status, Felix risked getting overlooked by adopters, even though he has a long, healthy life ahead of him and lots of love to give.

That’s why it was time for a trip north and a fresh start! Felix made the journey to Seattle in March and settled in at Seattle Area Feline Rescue for some TLC. Once he was ready for adoption, though, Felix didn’t waste any time: he chose one of the rescue volunteers to be his person right away!

Now Felix has a new name, Henry, and a new family to love him. (They even bought him a neck doughnut so that he could leave the cone behind and stay comfy as he healed.)

Now, Felix spends his days snuggling with his people and playing with his favorite toy mice. His new mom reports that he makes the best biscuits, too! Good kitty, Felix, enjoy your wonderful life.

Henry (aka Felix) in his new home!

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  1. Henry could be Minerva’s twin!! We adopted Minerva at an early December adoption fair sponsored by SAFE in University Village’s Mud Bay. She was 6 months old at the time and a feral kitty. She is about to celebrate her 6th birthday on June 20th, and has been my husband’s lap cat for most of those years. On her 2nd night with us she hopped up on the bed between us and snuggled down for some serious purring and back rubs. Yes, it did take her a few weeks to really trust us, but she’s such a precious character. Talk about a chatterbox.; she sounds like a Siamese kitty when she gives running commentaries on local wildlife! Can’t imagine life without Minerva. Blessings upon Henry and Co.! Minerva’s Staff

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