Warm Fuzzy Tale: Duncan’s Story

Meet Duncan (formerly known as Yammie)! When he was a young kitten, his eyes became severely infected. Although he was an otherwise healthy kitten, eating and drinking like the rest of his litter mates, this complication to his health almost ended his story. Duncan was at risk of being euthanized until an organization in Eastern Washington stepped in to care for him. Although Duncan’s eyes couldn’t be saved, surgery to remove his eyes made him more comfortable and thus he began his life as a blind kitty.  

Despite his hardships, Duncan has always been a cuddle bug with a can-do cat-titude! Even though he came to SAFe with lingering infections that ultimately required additional surgery, he was ready to make friends and spread the love! Amy, our Foster and Intake Manager tells us that upon meeting him, Duncan was, “super playful and giving me some purrs already.” Duncan has stolen many of our hearts including that of his foster mom, Heather. She told us early on that his curiosity was ripe and he was very playful. To this day, he loves stalking and chasing his toys!

When he’s feeling more lowkey, Duncan has a spot by a window where he has lots to listen to and sniff! But regardless of what he’s up to, he makes it a point to keep his human family close by. Because of his shining personality, this August, Duncan became what we call a “foster triumph”—after 20 years of fostering cats, he became the first foster kitty that his family decided to adopt! He continues to put smiles on the faces of his now-adoptive family and they say that he is “an absolute joy to have around!”

Congratulations Duncan and thank you for always being such a fun companion! Thank you Heather and family for the loving care you provided Duncan to keep him healthy and happy!

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