Warm fuzzy Tale: Bailey’s Story

Meet Bailey, the foster triumph! When Bailey came to SAFe she was a shy cat who needed treatment for a painful abscess on her nose. Soon after going home with her former foster family to recover, Bailey had stolen the hearts of everyone in her household. She was adopted by them within a month this past July! 

Since then, Bailey has been happy as can be! Her family has let us know that she is gentle, kind, and very opinionated. Bailey makes sure to contribute to the household and has taken on the role of the bug hunter, as well as, the resident cuddle consultant. As a kitty with a refined PAW-late, her favorite snacks range from beef jerky to watermelon. 

When her jobs at home allow her the time, Bailey has a number of spots around the house where she likes to rest. Her adopter tells us, “her favorite resting spots are the shelf by the window and my desk, on my pillows, or on my 4 year old’s reading chair during bedtime stories”. She always shows her best MEOW-ners even when she needs to be picked up for a PAW-dicure. Bailey has even learned how to sit and walk on a leash.

Above all else, Bailey is her person’s biggest supporter and her “mews”. Every day she patiently waits by the front door until they come home from school. As a writer, Bailey’s adopter has featured Baileyin both work and school newsletters! Our little celebrity has even been featured as Pet of the Month in her apartment building.

Congratulations Bailey and thank you for being the best little companion your family could ask for and filling another home with purrs and smiles. And thank you to her family for giving our little friend a place to heal and grow!

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