New Hope for a New Year: Owen’s Story

Owen’s life almost ended earlier this month when someone called a clinic in Eastern WA about having him euthanized. From his scrapes, scratches and deeply matted fur, you could tell he’d seen hard times. But Owen wouldn’t give up!


​Owen purrs and rumbles when you pet him and gives big head bumps. Although his teeth are mostly gone, he gratefully slurps up any wet food you give him. His friendly, unbreakable spirit won the hearts of the team there, and they sent him to find a 2nd chance with us at SAFe Rescue.

And after…

Right away, we sent Owen to have surgery to soothe his painful, swollen mouth and to remove the shell of matted fur covering his back. Owen’s loving spirit charmed the veterinarian, too, and she even gave him a Santa sweater to keep his bare skin warm. Owen also got a special holiday present from one of the rescue volunteers: his new favorite carrot toy!

Owen is getting lots of TLC!

Soon, Owen will be ready for adoption. We’re all looking forward to seeing this special guy find a forever home at last.

​For cats like Owen, your support makes all the difference. His journey has been long and difficult, but with YOUR ongoing generosity, he’ll be able to continue healing and find a forever home. As our rescue has become busier than ever, thank you for being there for all of the Owens throughout this incredible year. We’re excited that they get to ring in 2018 with amazing friends like you looking out for them.

Owen sends his love, along with lots of purrs and biscuit-making!

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