Myths and Misconceptions: The Truth about Rescue Animals


Buddy (recently adopted) plays with a volunteer.

Have you ever heard someone say “I would never adopt a rescue animal”? Unfortunately, some common myths about adoption mean that animals miss out on potential homes—and people miss out on the chance to enjoy the companionship of a wonderful rescued friend!

  • Myth #1: Rescue animals are all traumatized or “damaged.” They must have behavior problems.

Not every rescue animal has a difficult past. Many of our rescue kittens have been raised in loving foster homes and have only known human kindness. Many surrendered cats have led happy lives until illness or economic hardship suddenly forced their human to give them up.


Todd takes a post-lunch snooze.

When you meet the rescue kitties, you’ll also find that even those who have suffered from neglect, homelessness, or abuse in the past still have resilient spirits. Kitties who need a little TLC can be the most loving and the most rewarding to adopt.

Whatever you’re looking for in a feline friend, we can help you find the right companion. When you adopt from the rescue, an adoption counselor will work with you one-on-one to learn about your needs. We can help you find a kitty who is a purr-fect fit for your household!

  • Myth #2: Adoption is too expensive.

At first glance it might seem like a better deal to take home a “free” kitten, but adopting is much more affordable in the long run! Rescue animals come with flea treatment, vaccines, spay/neuter surgeries, microchips, viral testing, and more—providing all these yourself would cost far more than any adoption fee. (Local vets even offer new adopters a free vet check-up.) 

  • Myth #3: Rescues don’t have the kind of animal I want.
Tigre 1web

Tiger agrees – rescue kitties make great pets! Photo by K.A.Moore Photography.

Rescue kitties come in all colors, ages, personalities, and sizes! If your heart is set on a very specific age or breed, you might need to do a little searching—but the perfect furry friend is out there for you. We have found homes for Maine Coons, Persians, Siamese kitties, and more. (If you’re hoping for very young kittens, it’s best to adopt during your area’s kitten season. In the Puget Sound region, most kittens are usually available from June-December.)

Thank you for supporting animal rescue and spreading the word about the real truth: adopted animals make wonderful, loving family members!

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