Joey’s Story

“Joey, Joey, Joey, where are you going? Where will you sleep tonight? Will you be alright?”

Natalie Cole must have been singing about our wonderful kitty Joey!  

But wonder no more – Joey is singing beautiful mewsic after his days in the care of SAFe Rescue!

Joey came to SAFe Rescue in August, but wasn’t ready to be offered for adoption due to  several health conditions. His fur was so matted that most of it had to be shaved off, which we think made him even more adorable, but left him cold. 

So he walked the “catwalk” at SAFe in an adorable sweater set to stay warm.

Joey also had an upper respiratory infection, and a corneal ulcer in one of his gorgeous amber eyes.  Even though he didn’t love getting his eye meds, he was sweet about it, and soon those eyes would melt hearts. After lots of TLC in foster care, this handsome fellow was given the green light from the medical team. Joey could now find his new home and family!

So with his fanciest little striped suit to keep him warm, he met his new family one weekend, and we all knew where Joey would sleep that night, and that Joey would be alright. 

He’s currently settling into his new home, and enjoys being loved and spoiled as he so rightly deserves. And of course, wearing some dapper new sweaters to help keep him warm!

Congratulations to Joey and his humans – we are so happy for you!

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