Brody, a special-needs cat.

Brody is a loving, special-needs cat

Brody is a loving, special-needs cat

Have you ever considered adopting a special-needs cat? Many people are hesitant to adopt anything but a ‘perfect’ cat or kitten. Too often, cats like Brody, are overlooked. Brody has a condition called  Radial Agenesis, where his forelegs are stunted. He gets around just fine, kind of “kangaroo style” and has no problem using the litter box or playing with cat toys.  And he has as much love to give–maybe more–as a so-called “perfect” cat. Brody is so very sweet — he purrs non-stop when you pet him.

We believe Brody was abandoned. He was found living underneath a car.  Life on the streets is tough, and so Brody contracted FIV. Cats who are FIV+ can live long healthy lives with this condition, but should be placed in a low stress, calm home.

If you want to learn more about FIV, please read our FIV Fact Sheet.

If you want to see more adoptable cats like Brody, please visit our “Adopt Less-Adoptable Cats” Facebook page.

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