BB’s Big Wish

BB, a special needs kittenMeet BB, a determined little kitten with a big holiday wish!

BB was born to a feral momma cat in Eastern Washington. As she grew, it became clear that she was different from her brothers and sisters. Her back legs splayed out at an angle from her body, and she couldn’t use them to walk. BB would not have survived for long in the dangerous outside world as a wild kitty.

Thankfully, BB came to us for a second chance!

BB gets a hugSince she arrived at Seattle Area Feline Rescue, BB has shown what a strong, determined girl she is. She has learned to scoot across the floor of her foster home. She even uses her front paws to do handstands like a tiny gymnast! You can see that BB wants very much to walk and move like the other kitties.

The veterinarian says BB might someday be able to walk on all four paws, but only if she gets a series of physical therapy sessions.

img_23171Thanks to generous support from the community, BB is getting the special care she needs. She still has a long journey ahead of her, though. . .

Will you make a gift to help special kitties like BB? Every donation, big or small, makes such a difference for them!

THANK YOU to all of you who are making it possible to give BB the care she needs. Together we can make sure that her dreams can come true—and that she finds a loving home!

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