Warm Fuzzy Tale: Tenshi and Rioko

Meet Tenshi and Rioko, the dynamic duo formerly known as Milo and Millie. These two came to SAFe Rescue from our partners in Yakima at about 6 weeks old. As soon as they arrived, they started making friends left and right. They were adopted in July of 2021.

Since finding a loving home, these two have been all snuggles and have had lots of adventures! These curious kitties love getting into as many things around their home as they can and have become quite the parkour enthusiasts. Their adopter tells us that their curiosity seems to be never-ending. They have even taken on “gardening,” and on occasion will go digging in the soil in houseplants. When their dedication to gardening allows them the time, you can find them sunbathing in their catio.

Their adopter also tells us that Tenshi is very vocal about what he wants, Roiko on the other hand is the strong silent type. “She mostly trills and vibrates.” One of Rioko’s nicknames at home has become “liqui-cat” because of how liquid her movement is: “She practically undulates!” When their curiosity and pep dies down a little, the kitties take their role as emotional support very seriously. They adore snuggling with their humans, especially during nap time. They will burrow under and suckle on their blankets.

Tenshi and Roiko’s warmth has graced the cat lovers in and out of the Rescue and we are so happy for them. Congratulations to the kitties and their family!

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