Warm Fuzzy Tale: Remy’s Story

Meet Remy who was formerly known as Boo Boo! This spunky, handsome boy came to SAFe in December 2021, all the way from one of our partners in Eastern Washington. He has the softest, most luscious fur and beautiful eyes you could just get lost in. From the moment he joined us, Remy was full of personality and energy. He is incredibly intelligent and loves enriching activities. One of his favorite toys is his wand, but he also enjoys playing with toy mice, and loves a good scratching session at a scratching post. Remy has even become quite the little environmentalist, who would be happy to reuse scrap paper and pipe cleaners as toys.

Remy is the type of kitty who appreciates quality time. There are days when he would be happy to keep you company, when you are taking on a task that requires you to be a little more focused. Whether that be at a desk in front of a computer, or folding laundry while binging your favorite show, he will happily act as quality control. For the most part, however, he is a curious cat who never seems to grow tired of trying out new and interesting experiences with you.

As a cat who is also very sensitive, Remy has become an excellent and nuanced communicator: he has no problems establishing boundaries. He will happily approach you for pets but will give very subtle indicators to let you know when he is ready for them to stop. Unfortunately, this has led him to be a misunderstood feline. (Kitties who are all purrs with few boundaries tend to find homes faster than sensitive souls like Remy.)

Fortunately, at the end of April, Remy’s purr-tience paid off and he found a loving home. He now has a friend who has committed to learning where his favorite scratchie spots are and understanding his boundaries and warning signs. His new human has been ready for the days when he needs some alone time and for the self care that most of us need from time to time. His adopter tells us Remy is doing well and that they have become fast friends. “He acclimated quickly to my apartment, and has slept on my bed every night since I brought him home. He’s very social and likes to be near me, or at least in the same room with me, the majority of the time. He is still very active, as I was told he’d be, he gets the “zoomies” sometimes and it’s funny to watch him dash around and chase things. He loves playing with the battery powered chase toy you sent me home with and I have purchased several additional interactive toys.”

Congratulations to both Remy and his adopter for finding each other. We also want to thank Remy’s family for sharing the update on Remy and giving him the companionship he has always needed. It’s so heartwarming to see kitties go to homes where they can be themselves!

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