Warm Fuzzy Tale: Pintxo and Playa’s Story

Meet Pintxo and Playa, formerly known as Zoomer and Gabby! Since their adoption in October 2022, the kitties have comfortably settled into their new home. With a patient introduction process and the help of SAFe’s adoption team, even kitties who have never met before can build beautiful bonds. After their slow introduction, Pintxo and Playa have become the best of friends.  

Their human tells us it is now them against the world and that they “run the house.” The kitties have turned the first floor of their home into a race track, climbing course, and so much more! If you are lucky enough, you can find the pair cuddling and join in on the fun.  

Being the well-meow-need kitties they are, Pintxo and Playa know that sharing is caring, when one is eating you can expect to see the other right by their side. Their adopter tells us that they even, “support each other in the litter box from time to time.”

Although Pintxo is the life of the party at home, he also likes to make sure everyone feels emotionally supported. His human tells us that he is “especially sweet, affectionate, and an almost too curious little guy.”

As a calm and gentle kitty, Playa does a great job at keeping everyone at home zen. While she has been growing up, Playa has now gotten bigger than Pintxo and she happily balances his over-excitement and keeps him in check. The pair has filled their home with so much love, joy, and gratitude.

Congratulations Pintxo and Playa and thank you for your loving companionship! 

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