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Warm Fuzzy Tale: Lou’s Story

Meet Lou, a cat who will happily show you how to rock a tux! Lou, formally known as Franklin, was adopted in January of 2022, and has become quite the sensation in his household. Lou is the sweetest boy and makes sure to greet everyone at home with all the warmth and affection they could possibly ask for. 

From the moment he arrived at his new home, Lou was completely unflappable. His adopter tells us: “He came right out and immediately crawled into my roommate’s lap to demand pets. Our brave boy never once hid, hissed, or seemed scared at all.” Soon, a running joke developed that he doesn’t know how to not purr, as it seems like the only time he doesn’t purr is when he’s asleep.

Lou will take any opportunity to be picked up or take a nice long nap in a lap. He can’t get enough of some good pets and will gladly take as much attention as you can offer. He has no problem giving you a “Hey! I wasn’t done!” boop with his paw, if he feels you have stopped petting him too soon. He loves being near people and has even become quite the  computer co-pilot when he’s sneaking into a lap.

Lou has even become a seasoned babysitter. When his family emergency-dogsat for a friend’s large dog, he remained unbothered by the occasional loud barking. Nor was he bothered by the couple of puppy tantrums he would witness. Lou is a very confident guy who doesn’t mind letting a pup know what’s okay and what’s not. Regardless of whether there are loud sounds coming from inside or outside the home, Lou is not one to make a noise complaint.

Lou’s adopter has assured us that she “has never known a cat to be so sweet and at peace with the world around them. Lou is truly a special cat, and I already can’t imagine life without him.”

We want to congratulate both Lou and his adopter, Emily, for finding each other. We also thank Emily for sharing the update on Lou. The stories that are shared with us about our fuzzy little friends make the work we do at SAFe that much more heartwarming!

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