Warm Fuzzy Tale: Lou’s Story

From being rescued off the streets of Benton, WA, to arriving at SAFe Rescue, and eventually getting adopted into a loving home, Lou has quite the Warm Fuzzy Tale. Through it all, Lou always remained as sweet and affectionate as can be.

Meet Lou

Meet Lou — “short for Lucifer, though I promise the name is completely affectionate” — a big tuxie boy formerly known as Franklin! Lou initially came into the Rescue from Benton, WA through one of our partner organizations, Prevent Homeless Pets. He was a sweet, affectionate kitty during his stay in the Rescue, and he took quickly to his new home once adopted. 

Adopted from SAFe in January 2022, Lou has been one of the cuddliest and most social cats ever since arriving in his new home. His adopter shares that, “he’s sitting on my lap as I write this, slightly offended that I’m using my hands to type and not pet him, but being a very good sport about it.”

The best napper in town
Lou at the Rescue before being adopted

Words from Lou’s family

“From the moment we brought him home, Lou was completely unflappable. We opened his carrier in my bedroom, which would serve as his quarantine room. Lou came right out and immediately crawled into my roommate’s lap to demand pets — before doing the same to me. 

Lou never once hid, hissed, or seemed scared at all. It’s become a running joke that he doesn’t know how to not purr. It seems like the only time he doesn’t purr is when he’s asleep. He loves being picked up, sitting in laps, receiving pets, and receiving as much attention as you can offer.  He loves being near people and is a perfect computer co-pilot — when he’s not trying to crawl across the desk and into my lap.

I’ve never known a cat to be so sweet and at peace with the world around them. Lou is truly a special cat, and I already can’t imagine life without him. Thank you so much for all the work you do, and for the opportunity to love this sweet little guy.”

Lou getting cozy in his cat bed
On the prowl

One year later

Lou is as sweet and affectionate as the day he came home. He greets his adopter at the door every day, and loves to curl up by her feet every night. “I love him so, so much and I am so grateful to have him in my life.”

Thank you Lou for being such an amazing companion to your new family, and thank you to your adopter for providing such a loving home!

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