Warm Fuzzy Tale: Kennie and Lennie’s Story

Meet Kennie and Lennie, the two kittens who put a new meaning to the word resilience. With help from our partners in Eastern Washington, Kennie and Lennie were able to make their way to SAFe Rescue all the way from Yakima. While Eastern Washington has an abundance of cats, there aren’t nearly enough helping hands available to take care of them. This, unfortunately, means a lot of the kitties like Kennie and Lennie face homelessness. 

The boys have been receiving care with us for about 4 months. At first, they were in rough shape. Both needed treatment for skin infections. Kennie had also endured a tail injury that left him incontinent and required him to undergo surgery.

Although Kennie was a trooper during recovery from his surgery, he is still unable to use the litter box on his own.  

Kim, SAFe’s Veterinary Care Manager, and the whole SAFe team is going above and beyond for little Kennie. He’s getting lots of special care including massage, acupuncture, and (for special outings) even diapers! 

Kim is also giving the boys a foster home where they get round-the-clock care, lots of love, and room to explore. During every step of their journey, Kennie and Lennie have received love and support from all of us at the shelter, from the community, and even from Eglon, a resident cat in their foster home. 

Despite their rough start to life the kitties have remained loving, trusting, and eager to make more friends. Some of their time at SAFe Rescue has included adventures, such as, a trip to the Museum of Museum’s Cat tower Exhibit. They have even become quite the seasoned travelers, who don’t mind a calm car ride. 

The boys are two peas in a pod and love their playtime with each other, as well as their favorite wand toys. Lennie is the biggest cuddle bug who will immediately melt into the arms of anyone who is holding him. He will take all of the scratches and all the pets he can get. During his time with us, Lennie has even taken a liking to artwork. Kennie, on the other hand, is quite the little adventurer, who makes sure to explore in style. He has no problem discovering the next best napping spot or fixture to climb, and will make sure that he is camera ready whenever he does.

Our time with Kennie and Lennie has been incredibly heartwarming. They have come so far these past few months, and have brought smiles to everyone who has crossed their paths. We want to thank Kim and our Veterinary care team, for keeping them happy and healthy. We would like to extend our gratitude to our community, for being there for them every step of the way, and finally we want to thank Kennie and Lennie for being the best little friends anyone could ask for. If anyone is up for a journey ahead like this, it is them.

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