Warm Fuzzy Tale: Cedar and Dahlia’s Story

Meet Cedar and Dahlia! These two came to SAFe Rescue as kittens eager to give out purrs in exchange for some playtime and pets. They arrived in the company of their siblings Quark & Nebula (formally known as Simcoe & Citra) and Andromeda. Their adopter tells us that, “like their littermates, Cedar and Dahlia are devoted siblings. They enjoy running around together, snuggling and sharing meals.” After settling into their new home, it didn’t take long for these two to grow into healthy, energetic adult cats.

By one and a half years old, Cedar had grown to become a LOT bigger than his sister. Being the ball of energy he is, Cedar never lets his size get in the way of his day-to-day parkour! You can’t leave kitty-treat tubes out because Cedar knows how to chew through the wrapper to get to the goodies. He’s also grown fond of straws and will take off with any straws found in untended drinks to keep them safe for just you!

What Dahlia lacks in size, she makes up for in her appetite! Although the two eat the same food, she wastes no time getting as many bites in as possible. Any curiosities these polite kitties’ have about human food are mostly satisfied with a sniff and pat or two.

Dahlia has also become quite the little songbird and lets everyone know when she is ready to play with her favorite stuffed kitty toy. There are occasions when you can catch her running around and chirping away with the toy in her mouth. She has even learned how to play fetch! Initially, Cedar made it a point to balance Dahlia out as the strong and silent one of the duo. However, recently he decided to start experimenting with vocalizations to communicate with his sister.

Throughout the time they have spent coming into their personalities, Dahlia and Cedar have made sure to show everyone they meet their best meow-nners. Everyone who meets Dahila notices what a fun personality she has and remarks on how smart she is. Although Cedar’s got a more laid-back personality, he’s actually very intelligent as well. Wherever these two kitties go, they bring happiness and excitement with them. Congratulations Cedar, Dahlia, and their loving family!

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