Volunteer of the Month: Tina

Happy July to our wonderful community! SAFe is excited to announce our July Volunteer of the Month, Tina! 

Tina has been a star volunteer since December of 2019 and has spent more than 100 hours volunteering since. She fills not one, not two, but three volunteering roles at the rescue including Clean Team, Cat Care, and looking after kitties with skin infections in the Isolation Room.

While she loves every role she has, Tina admits that working with the cats is the best part, especially in quarantine. She explains, “I am currently doing Clean Team, Cat Care, and ISO. I enjoy all three jobs, but working with the cats is the best. I am always happy when the Cats in Isolation are moved out to the main floor for adoption, and I have a soft spot for the older cats we have there up for adoption.” Tina’s soft spot for older cats is not limited to her time in the rescue either: she hopes to soon adopt the perfect, older match for her current kitty at home, Venus. 

Tina’s first impression of the Adoption Center matches what many have experienced: an overwhelming sense of happiness being surrounded by cats! She loved seeing all of the adoptable kittens interact with their littermates as well as with the staff members and volunteers.

As you may have heard, SAFe Rescue is currently conducting all adoptions online for the safety of our volunteers, fosters, staff, and community. At the beginning of the pandemic, all cats went to foster care. Over time, though, we have been able to bring a small number of cats back into the building. As you can imagine, the litter boxes and food dishes soon started to add up, and Tina stepped up to the challenge! As one of the Rescue’s amazing volunteers, Tina understands how important it is to cats’ health to keep their litter boxes, bowls and enclosures clean and sanitized, and their tummies well fed! Thank you Tina for your hard work and dedication! 

The rescue certainly looks a little different inside now, but while Tina misses the regularly full enclosures, she says it only gives her more of a reason to focus her efforts on cleaning so that the cats can come back to a comfortable and spotless rescue! 

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