Then and Meow: Dolce’s Story

A cat by any other name would be as sweet … and Dolce, formerly known as “Myrtle,” is a perfect example. This is the story of one sweet girl’s transformation from cautious street cat to joyful, loving companion.

Early life

Dolce didn’t have an ideal kittenhood. She spent her first couple of years on the streets, surviving on her own and away from human contact, until a Good Samaritan rescued her from alley-cat life. When she first arrived at Seattle Area Feline Rescue she was nervous and timid (rightfully so), but, luckily, she got the chance to live in a patient foster home where she could adjust at her own pace while she got used to all the strange stuff we humans do.

“Myrtle” comes out of her shell

Dolce patiently waited in foster care for seven months. There, she went by  “Myrtle,” named for the shy, hum-like “mrrrr” she offers instead of a common meow.

It took a couple of months, but she eventually grew braver, allowing her foster family to play with her and pet her, often raising her tail up high in appreciation. She soon discovered that she was particularly fond of chin scritches, and found her purr. She also began to show off her athletic prowess, leaping to catch bugs, and excitedly chasing toys and toes.

Myrtle benefitted from the careful nurturing her foster family offered and was able to successfully transition into her a forever home in November of 2019.

Dolce today

Dolce’s adoptive mom named her after the Italian word for “sweet,” noting her timid, affectionate demeanor.

“Her profile description called her a ‘sweet girl,’ her foster mom called her a ‘sweet girl,’ and I adopted her to bring more sweetness into my life,” Dolce’s mom said.

Her adopter adds that she’s doing well and is becoming more outgoing as time goes on. “She loves her mouse toys and [sleeping] in her bed,” Dolce’s mom shared. “[She’s] not totally comfortable in my apartment yet, but loves when I give her pets when she’s in her bed. She purrs super loud.”  

We couldn’t be happier to hear about successful adoptions like Dolce’s – new relationships that make a difference in the lives of both cats and cat people. Many purrs to all of you who give shy kitties like Dolce a chance to blossom. 

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