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Warm Fuzzy Tale: Kali and Rocky’s Story

Before they came to the Rescue, bonded brother and sister duo Kali and Rocky (fka Kaali and Mousel) were living in an auto supply yard in Seattle. They were nervous about humans and had been fending for themselves. When they arrived, SAFe’s Medical Team found that Kali had an infected eye that would need to be removed, and both kittens needed spay/neuter surgery.

After their surgeries, the shy siblings went to recover in a foster home, and even though Kali had to take eye daily drops and antibiotics, she began to trust her foster family. With lots of love, gentle encouragement, and playtime from their foster mom, Aarati and her family, [Aarati is our foster of the month for March! Read her feature here] the kittens started to come out of their shells and enjoy indoor life. Brave Kali looked out for her brother and would let him hide behind her whenever he felt scared. And as soon as anyone pet Kali, Rocky would start to purr too!

The day finally came when the kittens were ready for adoption. They caught the eye of a kind couple, who spoke to an adoption counselor at SAFe and then went to visit them in their foster home. Kali and Mousel won their hearts, and just like that, they were off to their new home!

Kittens play and rest on a cat tree by a window

Their adopters reached out to us after a couple of months to let us know how everyone was settling in. “Kali is our little sweetheart,” they say, “she loves to play. Kali would chase her fuzzy toy on a string all day long if she could. Her energy is practically limitless! After a couple of big jumps she will take a break to stick out her little pink tongue and catch her breath, which is pretty cute!

Rocky is our curious wanderer. He loves exploring every corner of the house. One of Rocky’s favorite spots is the corner window, where he sunbathes and watches birds. Rocky is still a bit shy, but he leaps (literally) at the chance to play with our hair and toes.”

There’s nothing like the feeling of earning a shy cat’s trust, and we are so grateful to everyone who extended patience and love to Kali and Rocky throughout their rescue journey. Thank you to their family for giving them a chance, and keep up the good work, Kali and Rocky! Meow.

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