German’s Story

German after his surgeryGerman has the biggest purr—the rumble starts as soon as he sees you coming! Abandoned by his original owners, he seemed grateful to find safety at the rescue. At the Adoption Center, though, this outgoing orange and white kitty sometimes became suddenly irritable and his left ear seemed to bother him. A veterinary exam revealed the cause of his behavior: he had a large, painful tumor growing inside his ear.

German recoversGerman needed a complex operation to remove the tumor. A procedure like that is not easy to affordbut thanks to a special grant from Petco Foundation*, German got his surgery! After his big operation, German took some time to recover… as you can see, his fur is just starting to grow back.

German takes a napNow, we’re happy to say he’s ready to find his furr-ever home. It is likely that his benign tumor will grow back at some point, so German needs to find a very special adopter: someone who will love him, take him to regular check-ups, and commit to taking on his future medical needs.

This sweet, active 7-year old boy has been through so much. It’s time for him to find a family at last! To learn more about adopting German, please email us at We’ll be happy to share his medical records and information with you and answer any questions you may have.

*German’s adoption fee is sponsored by Petco Foundation.

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