Foster of the Month: Michelle

For November, we are excited to recognize foster superstars, Michelle and her partner, for all they do for kittens in need, especially the ones who need them the most! 

After moving out for the first time on her own, Michelle really missed her cat and having a kitty around the house. Luckily for us and the cats here at SAFe Rescue, Michelle decided to try fostering! She writes, “We had experience caring for cats but giving medications nonstop and having to say goodbye soon was a different story! We definitely cherish being with them.” We love seeing how much foster kitties enjoy their vacation from the Rescue at Michelle’s home!

For Michelle and her boyfriend, the most rewarding part of fostering is the transformation that kitties go through from being shy or nervous to confident and loving! She says “Every cat gets a bit nervous when they’re in a new environment and all we can hope for is that they make the few weeks with us a temporary home.” By the time their foster kitties are ready for adoption, Michelle and her partner are always happy for them to go off to loving homes of their own. 

Fostering can be just as challenging as it is rewarding. The surprise changes in health or behavior that cats can go through keeps Michelle on her foster on their toes. “We definitely learn with each foster group, like when we should be concerned with things like eating or litter habits.”

We know it takes all hands on deck to care for kitties in foster, which is why we are so incredibly thankful for foster co-pilots! Michelle writes, “My foster copilot is my boyfriend, who I could not foster without! He is actually the one who gives all the medications (antifungal oral meds, antibiotics, eye drops, eye creams, medicated baths) and I am just the person who cleans up behind everyone.” 

Having had all kinds of fostering experiences from ringworm, to medical, to behavioral, this dream team knows how lucky they are to have each other on their fostering journey. “We had one foster who we had to feed by syringe and I definitely couldn’t have done it by myself. And who will take cute pictures if you’re holding the cat(s)?” From playing photographer to administering medications, foster co-pilots help with it all!

Michelle has cared for quite a few cats now and the best advice she has for people considering taking the plunge into the foster fun is to be ready for all the surprises that come along with it! “Be prepared for more than you signed up for. Be prepared to spend more time on medication, socialization, cleanup, checkups at the Rescue, or more time spent in foster.” Helping kitties get to the adoption finish line makes the work worth it for Michelle and her partner. She gushes, “You’ll be rewarded with more love and excitement because you helped a kitty in need get adopted!”  

Like many fosters, caring for adorable kitties definitely helped Michelle and her partner adapt to a world turned upside down by COVID-19. Michelle made sure to share her foster joy with everyone from her family to coworkers and enjoyed the smiles her kitties would bring to everyone’s faces! She reminisces, “I’ve had coworkers, who were usually very uptight, laugh during meetings and had to apologize because they saw a cat walk across the screen and me trying to push them along.” 

Michelle and her partner never hesitate to help any cats who need some TLC in a cozy foster home. They have helped so many kitties reach the adoption finish line and we can’t put into words how much we appreciate both of these amazing humans!

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