Warm Fuzzy Tale: Kea’s Story

Meet Kea, formerly known as George! Kea has been making friends left and right since he came to the Rescue. In no time this little guy found a home where he could spread all the love and joy anyone could ask for! 

Kea is about 3 years old and was adopted April 2022. Since his adoption, he has been the most gentle kitty and has made a point of showing everyone at home nothing but kindness, consideration, and his best meow-ners. He is a remarkably smart cat and is even learning how to flirt. 

Always open to new experiences, Kea happily fills many shoes at home. As a “champion napper” Kea has enjoyed what his adopters call “sleep tourism.” His love for sleep knows no limits! Whether it is a snooze in their bed, a sleepy cuddle on the couch, or a variety of other places around his home, Kea will take it! 

At his most energetic, he plays like nobody’s business with his beloved wand toys. However, as fond as he is of those toys, his heart also lies with golf balls and the occasional ping-pong ball. From time to time, he enjoys a fierce hunt for them around the house. 

Being the responsible kitty he is, Kea always makes time to commit to lectures in his adopters’ Zoom classes. As a part-time purr-fessor, Kea has become very popular among students. “He helps me teach remotely by sitting between me and the camera, about an inch from my face, staring and sniffing at me as I try to lecture. I love it, and the students seem charmed” 

Kea has been such an a-MEOW-zing companion and has made his family feel so lucky. Thank you Kea for being such a brightness in your new home and thank you to his adopters for another lovely update on how he’s doing at home. Congratulations to everyone!

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