Volunteer of the Month: JaneA

Meet JaneA, SAFe’s latest Volunteer of the Month! JaneA is a regular Cat Care volunteer who is also happy to pitch in, learn new roles, and help wherever the kitties need them.

Why Volunteer at SAFe?

JaneA’s belief that every cat deserves a safe and loving home motivates them to give back to animals in need: “It feels great to be able to make a difference in the lives of cats who, through to no fault of their own, found themselves homeless…I’m glad to be part of a team that makes that happen.”

Volunteers like JaneA selflessly dedicate many hours to helping cats. (In 2022, SAFe volunteers gave a combined total of 7,213 hours of their time. Incredible!) 

Rewarding Work

We’re always glad to hear that, in return for all the hard work, volunteering comes with its own rewards. As JaneA explains it, knowing that you’re making a difference in the lives of other living beings, both humans and cats, comes with a huge sense of satisfaction. JaneA also finds community through their volunteering here at SAFe: “Volunteering also makes me feel so much less isolated. My day job is remote and has been since 2018, and then the pandemic hit all of us hard—so being able to be part of a community again has been huge!”

Giving Back to the Community

JaneA’s roots in rescue work run deep. A lifelong cat lover, all of JaneA’s kitties have been rescued. Before moving to Seattle in 2013, JaneA worked at a cat rescue in Maine, and their dedication to making a difference in the world goes back even further: “My mother was heavily involved in her community, working as a volunteer at my elementary school and doing political activism, so I always saw giving back to the community as an important thing to do. She didn’t tell me explicitly that volunteering is great; she led by example.”

Life Outside of SAFe

When JaneA is not busy helping cats, you can find them… Writing about cats! JaneA wrote an award-winning cat advice blog called Paws and Effect for 16 years, and has written articles for catster.com and Catster Magazine.

Not all of JaneA’s activities are feline-related. They’re currently working on a memoir and enjoy balcony gardening, reading, watching podcasts, and progressive political activism. Their day job is in digital marketing, so they do a lot of content writing and social media marketing. As for their next hobby? Dungeons and Dragons! They explain: “I’d love to find a D&D or other fantasy role-play game group because I really enjoy those games as well.”

Thank you, JaneA, for your dedication, creativity, and boundless care for creatures in need! 

JaneA’s Advice for Anyone Thinking of Volunteering: 

I think people may not realize that volunteering could be a path to a job or career change. If your day job isn’t satisfying and you want to work in a position more aligned with your passion, learning about the field through volunteering can tell you if that cause really is for you and it can provide you with knowledge and experience to build your resume. It’s also a great way to meet new friends who have at least one interest in common with you!

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