COVID-19 – How You Can Help

We are incredibly grateful for you, our wonderful community who has always stepped up to support homeless felines in times of need. With the COVID-19 pandemic creating more difficulties and challenges in our world, cats are in need of help more than ever.

Your support means the world to homeless kitties—and there are many ways to help! Together, we can create a bright future for all cats, kittens, and the humans who love them.


Gifts of any size help save lives during these tough times and into the future. You can give one time or make your support recurring. (With a monthly gift, you’ll be part of our Helping Paw Circle. For less than the cost of a few lattes a month, you can help kitties in this time of significant need, and all year long.)

Supply Donations

With kitten season fast approaching, the rescue is in need of supplies and necessities to help keep us running and make the kitties’ time here as comfortable as possible. Check out our Amazon Wish List, complete with certain items marked as the highest priority. (While on Amazon, don’t forget to make sure your Amazon Smile is set to SAFe Rescue, which gives money back to the rescue, just for shopping on Amazon!) 

Shopping Programs

Are you finding that while social distancing, you’re doing more of your shopping online? Several online retail partners will donate back a percentage of sales back to SAFe. Check out the list here.

Set up a Fundraiser on Social Media

Social Media fundraisers are a fun and engaging way to get your community involved in a cause that you love! 

  • For Facebook, head to this link, follow the directions, invite your friends, and you’re all set to help the kitties. 
  • For Instagram, you can add the “donation” button to your story and select Seattle Area Feline Rescue as your non-profit of choice.

Get Creative with Your Old Car 

If you find yourself with more time at home lately, why not look for a way to clear space and start your spring cleaning early? When you donate your old vehicle, CARS will pick up your old car, take care of all the details, and then a large part of the proceeds will come back to help the kitties.

Volunteer & Foster

Even though times are tough, our busiest season is still ahead of us: kitten season! We want to make sure we are fully prepared when we reopen for adoptions, which means making sure our Foster & Volunteer community is staffed and ready to help! Currently, we are offering online trainings and signing up is easy: 

Crafting for Kitties

Channel your creativity into creating homemade toys or blankets for the kitties! Our weekly crafting group is currently on hiatus, but there are many online resources to get you started (if you’re new to crafting) or to help inspire new challenges (if crafting is your speciality). You can email our resident crafter, Kelsi, at if you have any questions. 

Here are some of our favorite inspirations (and a few helpful online resources):

  • Small blankets are great and a finished size of around 20’’x20’’ works well, but we can use just about any size. Here’s a tutorial for a no-sew fleece blanket. You can also sew, crochete, or knit blankets of similar size; the kitties love having cozy blankets for them to lay on and take home with them into their new homes. 
  • Catnip “kicker” toys are popular with our kitties and the humans who make them! Oftentimes the toys can be made by sewing on a machine, but you can do it by hand as well. Just make sure to use small stitches and keep them close together so the toy stays together when the kitty is having playtime! If you’re not into sewing, there are also ways to make them without a needle & thread. This blog references using tall socks, but sleeves of old sweaters or sweatshirts could work too. 

We appreciate everyone stepping up and helping the kitties during this troubling time. With your support, we can save even more lives and we know if our rescue cats and kittens could talk, they would thank you too!

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