Fosters of the Month: Kate and Jacob

June’s fosters of the month are… Kate and Jacob Roy! Kate and Jacob started their fostering career in February 2020, and since then have found their specialty in taking care of shy cats.  

Sometimes, when cats come into SAFe Rescue’s care, they don’t feel truly comfortable with human interaction yet. In addition to all the TLC involved in a normal foster case, bringing an under-socialized cat out of their shell requires a few extra skills. Foster caregivers need to slowly build up a bank of positive interactions to win their kitty’s trust. The process is slow, but Kate and Jacob find it to be pretty rewarding. Jacob says that “Watching a nervous cat become more comfortable and confident is super exciting. It’s truly magical when a shy cat purrs for the first time!”

Kate and Jacob have perfected some strategies, like petting with back scratchers to get cats used to hands, reading aloud to accustom them to voices, and feeding cats good old fashioned treats. Their best tip?  “Patience. It can take a long time to build trust with cats that aren’t used to being around people. After a few days of just sitting quietly with them they usually start to open up and then you can begin to gently introduce new things.”

One of the things that inspires the Roys to foster is their love of cats, and how they can bring us comfort in the hardest times. They also find a lot of joy in discovering each kitty’s personality and quirks. “Getting to know these cats so they can be matched perfectly with their new homes is very satisfying and super fun. It’s a small thing, but it can make a really big difference for the cats and their people,” says Jacob, who along with Kate has successfully gotten three kitties ready to meet their adoptive families.

Thank you so much to Kate and Jacob, foster extraordinaires—your outstanding work and compassion makes a world of difference for your foster kitties. And we appreciate each and every one of you who open your hearts and homes to Rescue kitties!

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