Announcing our new name: Seattle Area Feline Rescue!

We are proud to announce our new name: Seattle Area Feline Rescue!

Animal Talk Rescue has faced many big changes in the last few months: we lost our lease and had to move out of our old building, we expanded our foster network and found temporary homes for all the animals in our care. We have now found a new home and are in the process of renovations. Now, we are changing our name–one that reflects our continued dedication to rescuing homeless cats.

The new name differentiates us from Animal Talk the Pet Shop. Animal Talk Rescue was housed in the same location as the pet store for many years, until last October. Two organizations with such similar names leads to confusion and mistakes, making this name change necessary.

As we start this new chapter in our history, we are committed to following best practices in animal sheltering and to building a new space that, in every detail, is designed to welcome the community and to promote the comfort and health of the cats in our care.

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