Volunteer Job Descriptions

If you are interested in volunteering with us for one of the below positions, or wish to offer a specific skill, and meet the Volunteer Capabilities, please fill out our volunteer interest form. You will then receive an email invitation to our next Volunteer Information Session. If you have any additional questions, please email: volunteer@seattleareafelinerescue.org.

Specialty Skills Needed

In addition to the below, we may also be able to use the services of vets and vet technicians, general contractors, IT pros, fundraising and/or events specialists, grant writers, web/social media pros, graphic design, drivers for kitty transportation, and more!

Volunteer Jobs – Basic Descriptions

The following are basic, generic descriptions and could be modified at any time.

Cat Care

Purpose: To keep cat kennels clean and comfortable for the resident cats.

Requirements: 17 years or older. Be able to commit to a weekly two-hour shift for three consecutive months of service. Be able to squat, bend, twist, lift and stand for two hours while working directly with cats and kittens. Be comfortable with direct contact with cats and kittens, dirty litter boxes, and cleaning agents such as bleach and accelerated hydrogen peroxide. Attention to detail and ability to follow instructions. Willingness and ability to learn the following tasks:


  • Spot clean cat cages daily for each cat.
  • Prepare clean litter pans, food, and water bowls.
  • Clean dirty litter boxes and food bowls after cage cleaning is complete, washing dishes by hand or in our sanitizer.
  • Observe general cat behavior and make note of important changes.
  • Keep supply prep room clean and sanitary.
  • Sweep and mop.
  • Laundry

Supervisor: Cat Care Leads/Operations Manager

Training: Information Session, Hands-on Training

Shift Availability: Shifts are available every day from 10 am-12 pm and from 5-7 pm.

Time Commitment: Volunteers are scheduled for a two-hour shift each week. There is a three-month minimum weekly commitment. Dependability is essential.

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