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Volunteer Job Descriptions

If you are interested in volunteering with us for one of the below positions, or wish to offer a specific skill, and meet the Volunteer Capabilities, please fill out our volunteer interest form. You will then receive an email invitation to our next Volunteer Information Session. If you have any additional questions, please email: volunteer@seattleareafelinerescue.org.


Specialty Skills Needed

In addition to the below, we may also be able to use the services of vets and vet technicians, general contractors, IT professionals, fundraising and/or events specialists, grant writers, web/social media professionals, graphic design, and more!

Volunteer Jobs – Basic Descriptions

The following are basic, generic descriptions and could be modified at any time.

Adoption Counselor

Purpose: To assist the public with all parts of the adoption process: Screen potential adopters and assist them in their adoption selection, have productive and informative conversations in order to educate the potential adopter, and overall, create a positive experience for the adopter and a good adoption outcome for our cats and kittens.

Requirements: 18 years or older. Able to commit to a set weekly shift for a minimum six consecutive month commitment, after completing adoption counselor training. Must complete cat care and retail training and shifts, and demonstrate high level proficiency in both before moving into adoption counselor training, or have previous experience. Understand the differences in cat personalities and how they may affect an adoption outcome. Demonstrate efficiency and comfort handling cats. Excellent people and communication skills. Represent SAFe Rescue in a positive and appropriate manner. Basic computer skills and ability to learn our shelter database program. Be an active learner and listener.

PLEASE NOTE: Mastery of our adoption process, protocols, and standards of service and care must be exhibited prior to facilitating adoptions on your own. Simply participating in training does not guarantee you a position as an adoption counselor. You must have an open mind and both the ability and willingness to learn the skills listed below:


  • Greet guests and potential adopters, answer questions, have informative conversations to understand what would be the best match for the adopters household and lifestyle.
  • Oversee meeting between potential adopter and cat to ensure proper handling and a good match. Ensure proper sanitization procedure between meeting each cat.
  • Know individual cats well enough to answer questions about individual animals for potential guardians and guests.
  • Socialize and groom adoption ready cats. Make notes and observations on their behavior toward different adopters.
  • Ensure all cats have fresh water and dry bedding. Refill water and food bowls as needed.
  • Maintain the overall cleanliness of the cat room, while following sanitation protocols at all times. Change litter boxes, as needed. Sweep the floor clean of litter or food periodically.
  • Introduce new adopters to products that the retail section carries, the benefits of types of food, as well as proper feeding protocol based on individual cats.
  • Process adoption paperwork, explain adoption agreement and medical history, advise on new cat introduction, licensing, and vaccinations.
  • Operating the cash register, handling money and using the credit card machine.

Supervisor: Adoption Center Manager/Volunteer and Shelter Manager

Training: Information Session, Multiple Hands-On Training, counselor shadowing

Shift Availability: Shifts are available during our adoption hours: 1 pm-7 pm, Thursday through Sunday.

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