Why License Your Cat

License your catSteps to kitty ownership: Get supplies, choose a kitty (That’s the most fun, if you ask us!), take kitty home, give kitty food and cuddles, establish care at a vet, and. . . License your cat with the city or county?

You read that last step right! Your furry friend needs a license. Not a driver’s license—we hope kitty won’t be operating a motor vehicle anytime soon. A pet license! Your city or county requires that you license your pets as a form of identification.

If you’re tempted to skip that step, think again! There are some very important reasons to get a pet license:

1) Having a current license will help reunite you with your pet if kitty gets lost. (Some cities will even give lost, licensed pets a free ride home instead of taking them to the shelter.) Licensed pets can also be held for longer at city shelters. Having more time can make all the difference: if your pet goes missing, it’s often at the worst possible time, like when you are out of town!

2) Knowing how many pets are living in the area helps your city allocate resources so that it can best serve pet owners. (It’s helpful for disaster preparedness, too.)

3) Funds from pet licenses support your city shelter and help save lives.

4) Pet licenses, even for indoor-only kitties, are required by law.

Where to Get a License: Although licensing your pet might sound daunting, it’s actually quite easy! For Seattle residents, you can even license your new kitty right here at the rescue during the adoption process, or stop by the rescue later on to license your cat. (And if you do, a portion of the license fees will go to help the kitties here at SAFe Rescue.) You can also go online to get a City of Seattle license: click here.

If you live in a municipality serviced by Regional Animal Services of King County, you can purchase that license at the adoption center too. Many King County cities, including Shoreline, require a King County License. Click here for the complete list.

If you have any questions, one of the friendly, knowledgeable staff or volunteers at the rescue will be happy to help! Wherever you live, make sure that you get a license for your beloved kitty—it’s the best choice to keep your pet safe, and it’s the responsible thing to do for your community!

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