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Volunteer of the Month: Ava

Meet September’s Volunteer of the Month: Ava! Ava first heard about the Rescue when she and her family adopted two cats from SAFe. After taking home her new kitty friends, she chose to come back and volunteer to be a part of the mission. 

Ava began volunteering this spring, just as SAFe was welcoming volunteers back onsite after months of reduced capacity during the pandemic. In just a few months, Ava has already logged over 22 hours of time volunteering! Ava got started by helping with the Stay SAFe Pet Pantry. “The pet pantry was where I started and I was impressed it was a thing that was happening and volunteers could be a part of it.”

Next, Ava joined SAFe’s Clean Team: it might not sound glamorous but keeping dishes, litter boxes, and laundry clean is one of the key roles at any animal shelter. As Ava explains: “I like really knowing that I am part of what is happening and seeing the cats every week and knowing I am doing things for them.” Ava understands that every task, however small it might seem, makes a big difference for cats in need: “I feel good that I am helping. I always think about how this piece of laundry was used… How I am a part of that.”

As for Ava’s favorite thing about volunteering? The cats, of course! “Every time I come here is a good memory because I get to see the cats.”

If you’re thinking of volunteering at SAFe, Ava has some enthusiastic words of advice: “Do it. That’s it!” As she elaborates: “I would recommend this to other people so they can help those in need and know that it is not a scary thing.” 

Ava’s cats adopted from SAFe

When Ava is not busy helping the cats at SAFe (or playing with her kitties at home!), she  likes  to express her creativity: “I sew my clothes, I draw, play music, violin, and piano… I’ve always liked art because it’s how I express myself.”

Thank you to Ava, and to all the volunteers who dedicate their time to caring for homeless cats. You are kitty heroes!

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