Special Foster Homes Needed!

The kitties are in urgent need of a very special kind of foster home.

Cats with a skin infection called “ringworm” often find themselves in danger of euthanasia, even though the condition is entirely curable. Our ringworm program here at SAFe Rescue is often a last resort for infected kitties with nowhere else to go.

(Note: Ringworm isn’t actually a worm—it’s a fungal skin condition similar to Athlete’s Foot. Want to learn more? Check out our “Test Your Ringworm IQ” blog!)

Right now, though, our Isolation Room is at full capacity and we don’t have space to take in any more cases. We worry what will happen to all the kitties out there who still need help…

If you or anyone you know has experience fostering ringworm kitties in your home—or if you’re willing to learn the treatment and disinfection protocol—we would LOVE to hear from you right away!

To get started as a foster home, you can fill out the “Foster Information Form” on our website, and let us know that you’re interested in learning more about fostering ringworm kitties.

Thank MEW!

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