Simba happy at home

Simba’s Story

Meet Simba! This handsome feline graced our threshold in December of 2019. Like many cats that arrive at SAFe Rescue, Simba didn’t come with much information about his background, so our Adoptions Staff decided to get a little creative with his bio! 

On our website, along with a photo taken by one of our fantastic volunteers, was the description that read:

“We dug up a time capsule buried in our parking lot in the 1870’s and Simba came out. It was something else. But what can we say? He’s super useful at trivia nights and it’s hilarious when he freaks out when the electric light bulbs come on. 

Likes: Freshly churned butter, other cats, those bicycles with a giant front wheel and a tiny back wheel. 

Dislikes: The world after the industrial revolution.”

And while we’re not sure that it’s 100% accurate (after all, Simba was very tight-lipped about his origin story), it certainly caught the attention of his new family. And once they met outgoing and affectionate Simba, they fell in love!

They explain, “When we… saw his photo that you had posted and the funny description, we were really intrigued and figured we would stop by, but we were not expecting to bring a new family member home that day.

The good news is he is doing amazingly well, we feel so fortunate to have such an amazing furball as part of our lives… Despite us living in a micro-apartment, we have slowly turned it into a very cat-friendly home for him with cat shelves galore and lots of toys for him to play with. 

We have been amazed at how smart and treat motivated he is. He not only plays fetch but also exercises on his wheel all by himself and we can take him on walks outside too. Our latest success has been him letting us trim his claws, which I never thought would be possible.”

As so many have found out in the past year, the presence of pets in our homes is incredibly comforting and uplifting. And Simba is no exception! His family says, “He has really warmed our hearts and has been such a blessing during COVID-19 as well. He definitely keeps our spirits up and [our] feet (he likes to try to sneak up on us from behind corners). Thank you for everything your organization does, we had a really nice experience with the adoption process.”

We’re always very grateful to hear from our community of adopters and get updates on how former SAFe Rescue kitties are doing in their new homes. It sounds like Simba’s life full of exercise wheels and walks in his harness has come a long way since the days of penny-farthings and butter churns. Keep up the good work, Simba and family!

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