Why SAFe Kitties Give “Meowy Big Thanks” to the ASPCA!


Rescue kitty “Tommy” in one of the new enclosures

This September, as the air gets crisp and the kids head back to school, we’re looking ahead to another year… and back at how far we’ve come in the past 12 months!

Since last year, we’ve met a lot of new furry faces, and we’ve watched many adopters welcome home new feline family members. We’ve also seen big changes at the rescue, including the addition of a Licensed Veterinary Technician to the rescue staff, and the addition of 12 new stainless steel enclosures in the “Isolation Room” at the Adoption Center.

These exciting improvements have made it possible to help more homeless kitties—and they’re brought to you by none other than the ASPCA itself! Last summer, the rescue was honored to be awarded a “Northern Tier” grant by the ASPCA. This grant made it possible to upgrade our medical program, create the LVT “Cat Care Coordinator” staff position, and increase our capacity to save lives!


Pisa getting some pre-adoption medical care!

With this highly impactful grant—along with the generosity and kindness of individual donors and the dedication of our amazing crew of volunteers and foster families—we have been rescuing more cats and kittens than ever before.

In the first part of this year, we found homes for 637 kitties. Wow! That’s 141 more kitties than during the comparable period in 2015.  We are definitely on track to save more than 1,000 lives in 2016!

The number of felines benefited will continue to grow for many years to come, and here at the rescue we’re deeply grateful to be part of such a caring community that looks out for animals in need.

From us and the kitties: Thank you “Meowy Much” to the ASPCA for this amazing opportunity, and to all of you who make the rescue’s work possible!

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