Roger Rabbit’s Story

When Roger was a wee kitten, he lived outside in a backyard with his litter mates. A kindly Good Samaritan noticed these kitties, and—with no prior cat/kitten experience—decided that she HAD to help. (We can only assume it was because of Roger Rabbit and his charm!)

After working to tame the kittens, Roger’s friend sent him to SAFe Rescue so that he could find a family. When he got to the rescue, Roger Rabbit liked to play coy… But once you earned his trust, he proved to be loving, sweet and sociable, with a little boyish charm. Once it was time for adoption, Roger Rabbit nabbed the heart of his future mom quickly.

Now they’ve been a family for a little over 2 months, and we just received an update that he is doing well. With his new name “Beauty,” Roger has clearly charmed his human with his personality and handsome looks! Congratulations to Beauty and his family, and thanks to all of you who, like the Good Samaritan who found Roger, step up to help kitties in your neighborhood.

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