Penelope and Javier’s Story

Penelope and Javier are quite the pair and they look just as dashing as their names suggest!  Stylish Penelope always wears black, and Javier has quite the fashionable tuxedo. Although you might not be able to tell by looking at them, these kitties’ lives weren’t always picture purrrfect…

We welcomed these kitties into SAFe Rescue as Mallory and Sebastian, and they spent time in foster care settling in. Soon, a loving family welcomed them into their home.  However, this happy ending turned out to be just the beginning of their journey to become contented and pampered house cats. 

During her first few weeks in her new home, Mallory would hide, crouched behind the toilet. It was clear that she had trust issues.  At times, she seemed to be making progress and gaining confidence, venturing out of her hiding hole, only to see her humans, hiss at them, and go right back to her hiding place behind the toilet. 

Mallory’s behavior brought to mind a character in Greek Mythology.

As her adopter explains, “I thought to myself, this reminds me of Penelope from the Odyssey, working dutifully on her weaving during the day, only to undo all progress by night.” Her human knew Penelope was the right name.  Of course, Sebastian needed a title to match, so he became Javier!

Shy cats don’t have to stay shy forever, though, and Penelope’s family didn’t give up on her! They continued to celebrate her progress, staying hopeful even when she retreated, and treating her with gentle kindness. Little by little, Penelope gained confidence…

Now Penelope and Javier are playful, loving kitties, who enjoy “looking out the window, waking us up at the crack of dawn to enjoy a new day, and always cuddling up next to us while we are working or watching a movie. We could not ask for better companions.”

And we’re sure Penelope and Javier could not ask for a better home!

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