Ahi at SAFe Rescue

Ollie and Nuno’s Story

When bonded brothers Ollie and Nuno (fka Ahi and Uni) arrived at SAFe Rescue, they were shy and nervous. They had come all the way from the island of Maui, where there are many homeless animals and not enough adopters for them all.

While these timid boys could be coaxed out for attention with a gentle voice and some yummy treats, they preferred to spend most of their time snuggled up together in their bed where they felt safe. Only six months old, they were very curious about the world around them, and so badly wanted to be playful and affectionate kittens. They just needed to find the right home – one that would give them time they needed, and gentle encouragement to blossom.

Ollie and Nuno originally found a home in November of 2020, but it turned out not to be the right fit. These two didn’t give up though! They came back to SAFe and found their current family in December. Not only are these sweethearts finally feeling relaxed and playful, but they’re about to celebrate their first birthday with their adoptive family! Their new parents say that Nuno and Ollie are “a lot of fun … sweet, and only occasionally a little naughty.” 

They spent some time adjusting to their new surroundings, but after a couple of weeks of slow and steady progress, they were beginning to romp and wrestle and learned that they love toys! Ollie and Nuno graduated from their “safe space” downstairs on Christmas Day, and soon were running through the whole house, chasing each other, and having fun. 

Nuno likes to dig through their basket of toys to pick out which ones they should play with, and Ollie’s favorite game is to crawl under a throw rug and get Nuno to pounce on him! Finally they feel confident enough to show their silly sides, and to ask their family for pets—Ollie even likes his belly rubbed!

We are so thankful to their new family for giving them time and having the patience to let them come out of their shells. Every kitty deserves love, and there is no better feeling than earning the trust of a shy cat. Keep up the good work, Ollie, Nuno, and family!

Cats happy in their home
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