Monkey and Moses

The rescue cats and kittens are doing a happy kitty dance: they just found out that Seattle Area Feline Rescue is receiving a “Monkey and Moses” grant!


The Monkey and Moses Fund was created by two local animal lovers and advocates who believe that all animals deserve a loving forever home. This project is named after Mieshka (fondly known as Monkey), and Moses, a senior FIV kitty. In their memory, the Monkey and Moses Fund helps the animals that most need help to find forever homes, like seniors, bully breeds, and the ones who just need that paw up.

Mieshka, AKA “Monkey”

Thanks to the Monkey and Moses Fund, senior kitties here at SAFe Rescue will be able to have sponsored adoption fees. 15-year-old Minnie, who has been waiting for a home the longest of all the rescue kitties, is especially excited for this opportunity to reach more potential adopters!


The Monkey and Moses Fund also helps with spay and neuter efforts in central Washington state, where access to low cost services is desperately needed to keep the unwanted pet population down, which will save more lives. What a beautiful legacy for a special kitty and doggy friend!


(Interested in adopting Minnie? You can learn more here!)

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