Minnie’s Story

Finding a home is hard enough when you’re a senior kitty—when you’re 16-year-old cat with a thyroid condition who needs daily fluid injections, finding a place to call your own can seem almost impossible! Fortunately, Minnie didn’t give up, and we wouldn’t give up on her either. For over a year, this talkative, friendly senior cat got daily medical care at SAFe Rescue’s Adoption Center and in foster care. Her endearing quirks won over the whole rescue team. (You could always tell when Minnie hadn’t had her breakfast yet by the persistent meowing!)


Minnie was happiest when she had a kitty house to curl up in. Once, when Minnie was in between foster care and didn’t have her favorite house with her, the rescue team had to improvise. She thought her cardboard houselovingly decorated with her name and even a little garden outsidewas purr-fect!


Minnie has been lucky to have a series of wonderful foster homes during her time at SAFe Rescue. When we heard that Minnie’s latest foster mom was moving out of state, we thought it might be time for Minnie to pack up and find a new place to stay… But it turns out Minnie will be packing up her kitty house for a much happier reason. Minnie’s latest foster has decided to be her adopted mom, and she’s taking Minnie with her. Congratulations, Minnie, enjoy the rest of your golden years with your new favorite person!

(Portrait of Minnie by K.A.Moore Photography.)

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