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Minnie’s Story

Minnie (fka Lovey) was barely a year old when she arrived at SAFe Rescue, but she had already used up most of her nine lives. She was found at a location in Eastern Washington, where volunteers trap stray and feral cats, get them vaccinated and spay or neuter them before either returning them to their original location, or finding homes for them. 

Minnie was suffering from a condition called “Dystocia.” She would have died without immediate intervention. She was rushed to the local vet clinic and received life-saving emergency surgery, including being spayed. The staff was nervous that she wouldn’t make it, but she was sweet and loving even through her pain. Their hopes were realized when Minnie pulled through and made a full recovery!

Feeling healthy and happy again, Minnie was transferred to Seattle Area Feline Rescue to find a loving home, and she did just that! After only a few days with us, she charmed her way into the heart of her new adoptive family in March of 2021. They reached out shortly after to give us a happy adoption update:

“We have so many cute pics to share and so much to say! First, Lovey has been renamed ‘Minnie’ because we thought it was cute and suited her. Minnie settled in very quickly and it became clear she loved to be around us all the time. She has so much more energy now, and has a voracious appetite! She loves playing. A true, healthy, adolescent cat. She’s very friendly and social! She likes sleeping in the bed with us, she likes “zoom-bombing” me (my coworkers love her), and she’s really good with meeting new people (with the limited number of people we’ve had over, at least!) We took her to the vet the first week we got her, and the vet thinks that her hips look weird because she probably broke her pelvis as a kitten, and it healed oddly. That being said, we all agree she’s not in pain and VERY mobile. A happy ending for all!”

So many people came together to make sure that Minnie got a “happily ever after” and we are honored to be a part of her story.

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