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Midge’s Story

We believe the right home for every cat is out there, but sometimes the happy ending that’s waiting for them doesn’t happen right away. This was the case for Midge (fka Katie Belle), who needed a couple of tries and a team working together to find her a place to call home.

When Midge arrived at SAFe Rescue in 2019, she was an instant staff favorite. Her friendly demeanor and shining personality quickly earned her the affection of a new loving cat-dad. Midge was happy in her new home and we thought that would be the end of our chapter in her story. Sadly, a year later, we were contacted by her owner’s family who let us know that he had passed away. Midge was having trouble adjusting to the family’s home, where she was overwhelmed by small children and the resident dogs. We were asked to help find a home for Midge where she could be the “only child” and feel safe and comfortable.

After returning to the Rescue, it didn’t take long for Midge to be adopted again, but she wasn’t happy in the new home and was brought back to SAFe.

Again, Midge was adopted by a hopeful family, but it wasn’t the right fit either. She was stressed, urinating outside of the litter box and displaying other behaviors that her new person knew meant that she wasn’t happy. After months of trying, they brought her back to the Rescue with heavy hearts.

Midge loved all of the attention she got when she was at our adoption center, but we now knew that she acted differently in a home setting. This time, we placed Midge with a foster family so we could figure out what she needed. With the support of the staff at SAFe, Midge’s foster home helped her to feel comfortable, gave her needed medication, and helped her on the path to being a resilient kitty!

After a couple of months with her foster family, the time was right and Midge was adopted once again. Everyone crossed their fingers for her, and we were so happy when her new family reached out with this update:

“Almost a month ago, my boyfriend and I were lucky enough to take home the big lovebug known as Katie Belle Whiskers Tealido. After knowing her for a few days, we decided to call this spunky lovebug Midge. We had a fantastic experience with the adoption process: our adoption counselor Maddie gave me a very detailed and thoughtful rundown on Midge over the phone and Cody made the adoption process a breeze after we’d met Midge and decided to move forward with adoption. Midge’s foster mom Eva was also a pleasure to meet and was super responsive and helpful as we met and brought home Midge.

Since bringing Midge home, we quickly realized what a sweet, spunky, and not-shy girl she was! She loves to sit on her cat tower and watch birds out the window and sleep next to us on the couch, but she’s no stranger to some serious playtime as well (her favorite toy is a piece of rope, go figure). She’s even enjoyed going on walks with us in our friend’s cat stroller. Needless to say, we have fallen in love with her and are so excited she’s chosen us as her forever home. 

Thank you again to the entire team for doing such great work and helping to connect us with our new fur baby.”

We know that not every match works out, despite the best intentions of everyone involved, but we don’t give up trying. Midge’s happily ever after was waiting for her all along, and it took a community working together with Midge in mind to make sure that she found it!

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