Kids Helping Cats

What could be cuter than kids helping cats? Not much, is the answer. We realize that youngsters have some of the biggest hearts out there, and love to get involved and help causes they care about. At SAFe Rescue, accessibility and inclusivity are important to us. That’s why we’re here to share some ways young people can get involved over the holidays and beyond!

Coming soon to a cat rescue near you…(And by that, we mean us!)

Kids for Kitties! We are looking for youth volunteers (ages 7+) to help create kitty toys, learn more about how we care for our cats, and make some new furry friends! Kids for Kitties will take place on Saturday, December 29, starting at 12:30pm. Email for more info or to sign up (space is limited!), to be added to the wait list, or with any questions you have.

Youth volunteers will not be working directly with cats, but they will work with other animal-loving kids to help enrich the lives of the cats in the rescue.

Reverse Advent Calendars! Say what, now??

Advent Calendars are a beloved Holiday tradition and can bring excitement to each day in December. Reverse Advent calendars are a great twist to celebrate the season with service. All you need is a box or a bag! Each day your family can buy or make something for homeless cats and add it to the box. At the end of the month, come pay the kitties here at the rescue a visit and deliver the goodies. You will see how much your generosity adds up over the month, and everyone will enjoy getting into the spirit of giving—especially the cats!

Birthday or holiday fundraisers

One of the most heartwarming forms of support is when people thoughtfully dedicate their special day or a holiday to helping the kitties. Birthday fundraisers have been increasingly  more popular, and we are so amazed and grateful! Generosity like that is what is helping save more kitties each year.

Is your child’s biggest birthday wish to help animals in need? Have more legos than you know what to do with? Consider asking for gifts for the kitties instead! Ask guests to pick up an item from the Kitties’ Wish List—it gives gift givers the fun of selecting a gift, and the birthday child the joy of opening one. And of course, the cats benefit from your generosity.

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