Jalapeño’s Story

Meet Jalapeño (formerly known as Georgia). When this gorgeous tabby girl arrived at the rescue from Los Angeles, she was in rough shape. She had Calicivirus, which caused severe cold-like symptoms and painful ulcers in her mouth. She was dehydrated, felt terrible, and it hurt to eat. Poor kitty!

Lucky for her, she was in great hands with the SAFe Rescue medical team. They gave her supportive care including medicine to help her feel better and fight off the infection, as well as a feeding tube so she could get proper nutrition while her mouth was healing up. 

Jalapeño stayed at a wonderful foster home, where she received all of the TLC she needed to get better. Her foster mom said that she was sweet right away, and a little bit spicy, too! Jalapeño was a fighter, and she wasn’t going to let the virus keep her down. Once she started to feel better, she started playing with toys and showing more of her one-of-a-kind personality. After two months in foster care, Jalapeño got the green light from the medical team and made her way back to the adoption floor, where she was a staff and volunteer favorite.

Jalapeño let it be known that she wanted to be the star of the show, and waited for just the right home where she could be doted on and adored. Her day finally came in early March of 2020 when her new human came to the adoption center. She was exactly what they were looking for—and they dubbed her Jalapeño for her spicy personality. It was a perfect fit. 

Her new family reached out to us and said, “She has settled in really well and has been such a great little kitty! It was her birthday on Sunday and she got showered with toys and treats… Thanks to you all for bringing this wonderful cat into my life!” We’re so happy that our community could work together to help this sweet girl overcome her troubles and find a loving home of her own!

(If you want to follow Jalapeño’s antics, she has her very own Instagram account: @jalapenoboo.)

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