Inspiration and Information at the Humane Society Conference!

IMG_1385In May, several SAFe Rescue staff members had the opportunity to attend the Humane Society’s 2015 Animal Care Expo in Las Vegas. We even received a grant from the ASPCA for our Volunteer Coordinator, Nicki to attend. Without this grant she would not have been able to attend, so thanks ASPCA!

Once there, Rescue staff had the opportunity to learn more about adoption counseling, building stronger volunteer programs, and we started thinking about the next steps to grow SAFe Rescue in order to maximize the number of lives we can save. Our leadership team took all the knowledge the conference had to offer and have been putting what we’ve learned into practice every day at the rescue.

For instance, we’ve switched to a new electronic sign in system for our volunteers that has allowed us to go green thanks to a software information session. We are now saving money, time, and paper every week thanks to just one session our Volunteer Coordinator attended at the conference.

SAFe Rescue was fortunate enough to send 3 staff members and a board member this year, which means we spent a lot of time trading information learned, all in order to save more kitty lives. Thanks to the ASPCA and the Humane Society we are constantly incorporating the great information we learned.

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