Have Love, Will Travel: Miss Yogi’s Story

Miss Yogi traveled more than 1,400 miles to meet her purrfect match here in Seattle.

Previously known as “Scarlett,” this 4-year-old long-haired beauty originally lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but brought her love to us in the beginning of March. That’s quite a move, and she rightfully took some time to settle into the Pacific Northwest.

She arrived during tumultuous times for us humans, as well. The pandemic was spreading right around the time of her arrival, and we closed our Adoption Center only a week later. Plus, SAFe Rescue had just begun to use a brand new waitlist system.

“I remember meeting the people who became her adopters,” said Nichole Abbey, SAFe Rescue Event and Donor Care Coordinator. “They came right up to me and said ‘We want Scarlett!’ It took a few days as we implemented the new system, but she waited for them, they waited for her, and they all ended up with their purrfect fit.”

Today, “life’s a pic-a-nic” for Yogi the Cat, even as she lives with a skin condition called EGC (see below). She’s very happy in her new home, sharing her love with her new parents and learning to get along with BooBoo, her Mastiff sibling. We think her parents were smarter than the average bears to adopt her, and we wish her well in her new home!

Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex (EGC)

Miss Yogi suffers from a fairly common skin condition called Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex, or EGC, that sometimes causes inflammation and lesions in kitties. She treats her case pretty easily with daily medication, but the condition can vary a little bit, case by case. 

According to William H. Miller Jr., VMD, a professor of dermatology at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, the cause of the condition is most frequently an allergic reaction to flea, mosquito, or mite bites. If you think your cat may be affected by EGC, or you’re unsure, the best thing you can do is visit your local veterinarian. 

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