Gulliver’s Travels

Although Gulliver’s Travels is a classic with an action-packed plot, we think the story of SAFe Rescue cat Gulliver’s travels is a little more moving. (But we’re biased!) Gulliver came to us during the cold spell at the beginning of December from a previous life outdoors. We can only imagine what kind of perils Gulliver has been through, and we wish he could write a book about it.

When Gulliver arrived, we noticed that he was obviously an older gentleman. (We estimated that he was about 8 or 9 years old.) He also appeared to be a tad itchy and nervous. It’s hard to be homeless!

In many cases, older kitties tend to wait longer than average for their purrfect family to scoop them up, and it can be especially hard for them to find a home if they are shy. Fortunately, Gulliver quickly came out of his shell at the rescue and let us know that he loved chin and back scritches.

We wanted Gulliver to tell us all about his travels so far, but he was saving his enthralling tale for his future home… And after a month of waiting, Gulliver made his final journey to a home of his own! He was adopted mid-January, and we are so happy for him. Congrats Gulliver, and don’t forget to write us!

Photo of Gulliver by K.A. Moore Photography.

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