Foster of the Month: Emma

February’s Foster of the Month is Emma Toyoda! Emma joined SAFe Rescue as a foster volunteer in early 2020. “Ever since the first COVID lockdown happened, I thought having a furry friend would be nice company, but wasn’t sure if I could fully commit to adopting. I wasn’t sure what kind of cat I’d even want to adopt. Then I found out about fostering and it sounded like a win-win-win for everyone!”

Over the last eight months, Emma has fostered five adult cats. The cats with quirky personalities are Emma’s real specialty; they often need time in foster care where a volunteer can assess their behavioral needs and figure out what kind of adoptive home would work best. Fortunately, Emma’s been unable to unlock the shy kitty love language. Their secret trick? “I pretty much treat them how I’d want to be treated; lots of space, quiet quality time together, tasty treats, and positive affirmations!”

Emma and their foster Scully, whose adopters re-named Emma in her foster caregiver’s honor!

Emma’s crew of human pals loves to cheer them on in their fostering work. Emma reports “My friends are always the first to find out about my new foster friends and they’ve all met every cat via FaceTime!” In fact, one of their friends recently fell in love with Emma’s foster, Taco Cat, and has adopted him! We’re delighted that Emma will be able to receive lifelong happy adoption updates. While we’re all staying home and staying safe for now, Emma let us know the thing they’re looking forward to most is moshing with their friends to live music.

Outside of fostering, though, you won’t just find Emma in the moshpit: they’re also the brains behind the action. Emma spends their free time organizing concerts and tours, and what’s more, Emma’s a musician themself! We recommend checking out their work on Bandcamp and hosting a solo dance party to their mellow indie rock. 

Like many fosters, Emma says saying goodbye is the hardest part of fostering. However, SAFe Rescue’s new online adoption process relies on foster caregivers connecting directly with adopters to hand off cats to their new homes, and they say this is what makes the hardest part  the best part. “Honestly seeing the happiness and excitement when adopters come to pick up their new friend- thinking about their new future together makes me :’) every time.” 

We are so grateful for the patience and compassion Emma dedicates to cats in need. Thanks so much for all you do!

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