Dibby’s Story

Before 10-year-old Dibby came to SAFe Rescue, she was running out of options. She had diabetes that needed to be managed, took daily heart medication, and had severe dental disease—but this sweet senior gal had a team of people rooting for her! 

Dibby was with us for 128 days, much longer than most SAFe kitties. During that time she was able to receive the dental work she needed, get on a routine with insulin injections, and receive lots of TLC from SAFe’s medical team and her adoring foster family.

It’s not always easy to find the right home for a senior cat with medical needs, but Dibby’s day finally came when we received an email from a wonderful couple who were looking for a friendly older feline to warm their laps. They had seen Dibby’s video online and were already in love!

Dibby didn’t take long to settle in with her new family, including her kitty siblings. Her adopters report that she’s calm and patient with her insulin injections, and she now gets to take her heart medication in a chicken-flavored liquid form that she loves lapping up! She spends her days lounging on chairs, jumping in laps for pets, and likes to play with her mousie-on-a-string toy. Not only that, but Dibby has a great work ethic and her adopters say she is full service! She enjoys helping them with computer work, appearing on video calls to tell her opinion, and doing quality control on her human mom’s quilting projects. ‘

Her family says, “Dibby is a joy! It is so wonderful seeing her personality unfold and blossom as she feels comfortable and gets used to being part of the family. She is tremendously loving and checks on us to make sure we’ve had enough snuggles! Sometimes when she’s sleeping she has such an expression of not only comfort, but gratitude. And we’re equally grateful to all the volunteers, fosters, doctors and staff who helped bring her safely to us!”

We’re so happy that we get to be a part of Dibby’s story, and that she is safe and comfortable in a loving and well-deserved home. Keep up the good work, Dibby!

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