Courage’s Story

Courage’s unbreakable spirit has inspired so many of us. This beloved cat endured unimaginable cruelty, but with the help of compassionate animal lovers around the world, she overcame all she had been through and found a happy home.

(Note: the details of what happened to Courage are disturbing, although her story has a happy ending.)

Courage used to live outdoors in Eastern Washington on the property of a kind senior gentleman, until one day she disappeared. A few days later, Courage reappeared, but he saw that she was bleeding: someone had cut off her ears and tail. He never found out who hurt her, and he treated her injuries as best he could. Eventually the wounds closed, and Courage carried on.

As time passed, Courage’s elderly guardian was no longer able to care for the cats on his property. Courage came to SAFe Rescue for a second chance. She was ill with a respiratory infection and various other health conditions, and she needed medical treatment and multiple surgeries to recover.

As word spread about Courage, animal lovers rallied together to support the Medical Fund and make it possible to give her all the care she needed. After almost 3 months of treatment and care at SAFe Rescue, Courage was ready to find a home.

Courage now spends her days chasing catnip mice, giving her kitty brothers baths, and keeping her mom’s lap warm.

Courage’s heartwarming transformation shows the strength of the rescue community’s compassion for animals. Together, we are mighty: together, we can give cats in need a chance to overcome their past and find love.

*To help more cats heal, support the Medical Fund today: 100% of your gift will go to treat and care for sick and injured felines.

Courage in her new home.
Photo by K.A.Moore Photography.
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