Citra & Simcoe’s Story

Citra and Simcoe may have had a rough start, but they’re living the good life now! They were found under a porch in Eastern Washington, and were nervous about being around people when they arrived […]

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Calico cat sitting in Rescue enclosure

Valentine’s Story

Meet Valentine (fka Sweets). This gorgeous calico came to SAFe Rescue in February of 2021. Though she was almost a kitten herself, being only one year old, she had already given birth and arrived with […]

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Sleeping cat

Minnie’s Story

Minnie (fka Lovey) was barely a year old when she arrived at SAFe Rescue, but she had already used up most of her nine lives. She was found at a location in Eastern Washington, where […]

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Simba happy at home

Simba’s Story

Meet Simba! This handsome feline graced our threshold in December of 2019. Like many cats that arrive at SAFe Rescue, Simba didn’t come with much information about his background, so our Adoptions Staff decided to […]

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Ahi at SAFe Rescue

Ollie and Nuno’s Story

When bonded brothers Ollie and Nuno (fka Ahi and Uni) arrived at SAFe Rescue, they were shy and nervous. They had come all the way from the island of Maui, where there are many homeless […]

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Bert and Bowie’s Story

Bert and Bowie are keeping it in the family. This bonded pair, formerly known as Albert and Ziggy, were originally adopted from SAFe Rescue in 2017. Sadly, their beloved person passed away last year.  Their […]

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Jalapeño’s Story

Meet Jalapeño (formerly known as Georgia). When this gorgeous tabby girl arrived at the rescue from Los Angeles, she was in rough shape. She had Calicivirus, which caused severe cold-like symptoms and painful ulcers in […]

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Dibby’s Story

Before 10-year-old Dibby came to SAFe Rescue, she was running out of options. She had diabetes that needed to be managed, took daily heart medication, and had severe dental disease—but this sweet senior gal had […]

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Stella’s Story

It’s a great day to tell you all about Stella!  This fluffy little orange cat is teaching us about creativity, determination, and invention. When these qualities all come together with love and care, amazing things […]

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