Board of Directors

Lisa Reid, President

Lisa got started at SAFe Rescue as an “accidental volunteer” by helping fix the one and only computer while she was adopting a kitten. Lisa has seen a great deal of growth in all aspects of the organization since then—including the number of computers! When she is not busy leading the rescue Board, Lisa manages the Transportation Group and Seattle office for a consulting firm called SCJ Alliance, focusing on arterial, highway, and sustainability transportation projects. Not surprisingly, Lisa’s all-time favorite rescue project was managing a group of volunteers to construct the new Adoption Center in 2014. Lisa’s heart goes out to the most at-risk cats, including seniors and kitties with skin infections: “I love knowing we truly are saving their lives.” She shares this dedication to animals with her family: her daughter’s interest in becoming a veterinarian inspires Lisa’s rescue work. Lisa and her family share their home with four cats and a boxer named Tesla, who keeps things interesting.

Eric Misbe, Vice President

Eric came to SAFe Rescue on a mission to make the world a better place for animals. He finds that being a voice for felines in need is the most inspiring aspect of serving on the Board of Directors, and he enjoys putting plans in place for the organization and seeing them succeed. When he’s not busy helping animals, you can find Eric outdoors or up in the air! (He’s a commercial airline pilot who enjoys running, biking, hiking, and snowboarding.) Eric holds a special place in his heart for senior and special needs kitties, and his furry family consists of three kitties: Grendel, Haylee, and Scarecrow.

Monica Tackett, Secretary

Knowing that hundreds and cats and kittens will find a second chance at SAFe Rescue each year inspires Monica to serve on the Board of Directors. She has helped quite a few of those kitties, personally, too! Over the years, Monica has fostered a series of over 40 cats and kittens. She doesn’t shy away from opening her home to those who need a little extra help: “Fostering semi-feral kittens is hard, but when you finally can get one on your lap and it purrs and its little body relaxes to sleep… well it makes my day for sure.” Monica and her wife also share their home with three forever cats: they adopted Maya and Izzie nine years ago, and more recent addition Della is a former foster kitten who brings a lot of energy to the household. When she’s not busy helping the rescue, you can find Monica at the Northwest Genomics Center at the University of Washington where her lab works on a project to sequence the human genome with the ultimate goal to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases.

Emily Dolan, Board Member at large

For Emily, rescuing animals in need is both a passion and a career. As a Director of Research in the Research and Strategy Department at the ASPCA, Emily works to find the most effective ways to advance the field of animal welfare. Emily holds a PhD in Public Health from the University of Washington and brings compassion both for animals and the people who love them to her work. Because of her commitment to research and best practices, Emilyespecially appreciates SAFe Rescue’s open-minded approach: “I like our commitment to evidence and to keeping our eye on the right outcomes for the cats instead of doing things a certain way because that is what we have always done. This sort of forward and expansive thinking is why we are so successful and why we are going to be able to do so many amazing things in the future.”  When she is not busy serving homeless animals as a researcher, Board Member, and kitty foster parent, Emily—a black belt Nia instructor—teaches holistic fitness, farms her little garden, and enjoys the company of her two cats: a brown tabby named Buddington Friday and a black and white kitty named Colonel Tigh.

Sara Blagg, Board Member at large

For Sara, adopting a cat from SAFe Rescue was only the beginning! One thing led to another: her new kitty’s story inspired Sara to begin fostering… Fostering led to a “Foster Triumph” and another adoption… And these two additions to Sara’s family inspired her to give back by joining the SAFe Board of Directors. As Sara explains, “It’s always touching when the rescue can find a home for a cat who was otherwise ‘unadoptable’ or in danger of being euthanized. Two of my cats came to Seattle from California and I’m so thankful for the programs and partnerships that brought them to us… Serving the rescue is a way to give back to SAFE because we are so appreciative of what they have given us.” When she’s not busy rescuing felines or handling probates, guardianships, and estate planning as an attorney at Anderson Hunter Law firm, Sara enjoys spending time with her husband, pursuing her crafting hobbies, and caring for her cats: Martha, George and Socks.

 Lisa Hager, Board Member at large

Trained as a biologist, Lisa works in the field of public health education and research. Her career has inspired her interest in the biological development of cats and public health-related approaches to cat rescue. Bottle babies are especially close to Lisa’s heart, and she is dedicated to helping members of the community with TNR. (She finds the feline species’ ability to exist as both a feral animal and a loving human companion fascinating.) Lisa’s commitment to SAFe Rescue has deep roots: “As a volunteer—Board member, cage cleaner, medical update assistant, adoption counselor, foster, transporter, and more—with this rescue for over 15 years, I have particularly enjoyed being part of the truly amazing reorganization and growth of the rescue over the past 5 years.” When she’s not busy serving the kitties, you’ll find Lisa at the local Jane Austen book club or volunteering at a food bank. Lisa’s furry family consists of four cats, all ‘foster fails’ from SAFe Rescue.

Jennifer Cadigan, Board Member at large

Even before she joined the Board of Directors, Jennifer was active in rescue leadership: she organizes the cat behavior program at SAFe. Jennifer explains: “Providing positive reinforcement clicker training to the shy and scared cats so they learn to approach people has been the most rewarding part of my work… Seeing a scared cat transform into a social, happy cat who is adopted is the goal!” Jennifer was inspired to join the Board by the opportunity to create positive, lasting change for cats, kittens, and their people. When she’s not busy serving the rescue, Jennifer—who has a Ph.D. in psychology—carries out research focused on developing prevention and intervention programs for adolescent and young adult substance use. In her spare time, she enjoys baking and traveling… And teaching her adopted kitty Emma how to high-five using the techniques from SAFe’s behavior training program!

Caitlin McQuinn, Board Member at large

Caitlin got an early start in the animal welfare field: she began rescuing stray cats as a child, then officially became a foster home while in college. Faced with so many kitties who needed homes, Caitlin couldn’t help but get more involved! In 2014, Caitlin helped with the planning and design of SAFe Rescue’s new space: “I’m proud of our beautiful Adoption Center, not just because it’s pretty, but because of what it stands for. High standards of care for the kitties and a warm, Adopters Welcome philosophy for the people who come through our doors.” When she’s not helping the kitties, Caitlin is busy pursuing a Master’s degree in Education, Technology and Learning. Caitlin’s furry family includes a giant schnauzer mix named Teagan and a big black tuxedo cat named James.