Bert and Bowie’s Story

Bert and Bowie are keeping it in the family. This bonded pair, formerly known as Albert and Ziggy, were originally adopted from SAFe Rescue in 2017. Sadly, their beloved person passed away last year. 

Their mom wanted to make sure that her two kitties were taken care of no matter what, so her family took them in. Bert and Bowie joined their two other kitties, and a new, larger, household was formed with lots of love. 

If you met Bert and Bowie today, you would find it hard to believe that these two were shy when they came to SAFe Rescue. Unconditional love from two generations of humans in their family has made them quite outspoken! Their family explains: “If you say hello when you come in, Bert will say it back. If you tell him no, he says it back. Bowie has a raspy voice and he’s talking more and more and he loves getting attention from someone new.”

Even though Bowie looks surprised all the time and Bert just loves to mug for the camera, they are both well adjusted. They are sweet and gentle boys, and have traveled often between the two homes visiting their cousins, who are now their brother and sister. What a lovely blended family! 

While there has been a great deal of change for Bert and Bowie one thing remains the same: they still insist on getting their after breakfast and after dinner treats, and all the kitties get special Friday dinners. (Lucky cats!)

While we know that their mom is dearly missed, we’re happy that they had the chance to enjoy wonderful times with her, and that her family has taken them in to continue their care and share such love.

As their new family says, “They will be well loved for the rest of their lives! My mom knew I would make sure of it!”

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